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Topic: Spoilers, Leaked, & Illegal Content  (Read 11993 times)

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Spoilers, Leaked, & Illegal Content
« on: 11 Feb 2011, 04:51 PM »

As a clan and gaming community we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and as such we do not deal in trade secrets. We respect the gaming companies that bring us these amazing game, and there is a method to their madness.

Stating such, this means that Camelot is not the place for the following (but not limited to):

Pictures - This includes screen grabs, magazine photos, unreleased press documents, or the ever popular 'Mr. Blurry Cam' photos.

Video - This includes any type of unreleased material on video, even if it's your own. No links to YouTube or any other video sites.

Documents/Text - This is any text that outlines said leaked content. Whether it be from a print publication or word of mouth.

Leaked content will not be discussed, shared, or linked to from within Camelot. We are not saying that you, as an individual, can't look at the content, it just won't be done here.

Spoilers however, are permitted.  You must be considerate of your fellow gamer though and clearly state that spoilers lie ahead.  You can even use the "Spoiler Tag" (The blue SP just below the change color drop-down box) to hide a spoiler so one must 'roll over' to see the text.

[spoiler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler]

Simply created by typing this:
Code: [Select]
[spoiler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler]
Illegal content, of any kind, (music, movies, tv, games, etc) will not be accepted either.  Please do not link, post, trade or discuss, that type of content here.

"Punishment" will be decided on a case by case basis. If you have any question about the material that you are about to post and/or discuss it's a safe bet you shouldn't. If you still would like to share it, you can always PM an Overlord to see if it is safe.

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