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Recruitment Policy
« on: 17 May 2011, 10:59 PM »
There are two different paths you can take with your membership here in Camelot. 

Path to Knighthood
  • Apprentice - This is the first step obtainable after signing up for admission into SSG. Apprenticeship grants you access to additional forums, the status of being part of SSG, and is where you will begin your admission process in becoming a Knight.
  • Knight - A person designated a Knight of SSG and is a full member of our community. They have access to all the forums, they submit Apprentices to become Knights, have the possibility to hold administrative positions inside of SSG, and hold themselves to the Code of Chivalry.

Path to Community Friend - The alternative to pursuing Knighthood is obtaining the status of Community Friend.  These are people who either belong to another gaming community or at least have the trust and friendship of some of our Knights.  Community Friends have the same privileges as our own Apprentices.  To become a Community Friend you simply need to have a Knight vouch for you. 

The process of becoming a Knight has two steps.  First, you must become an Apprentice.

The Path To Apprenticeship:
  • You must be 20 years of age or older.  This is an adult community. Falsification of age would not be a wise decision, perjury in any respect is grounds for expulsion.
  • You must clearly and unequivocally state in your profile thread post that your intention is to seek Knighthood in Sword and Shield Gaming. Anything less will result in the assumption you seek only to be a Community Friend.
  • The first is a consistent presence on the forums. You will want to make a profile thread and state your intent as wanting to be an Apprentice. Keeping active on the forums is a good way to be involved in our community and a great way for members to get to know you.
  • The second, equally important step, is your presence in gaming. You need to play games with members of SSG as much as possible to help us get to know you and your play style. You can send a friend request to members of SSG. Feel free to send game invites or messages to Knights to see if they have room for you in their party or invite them to your party. For other platforms: check around the forums, set up a Pre-Game Lobby, or ask around. There's plenty of gaming to go around.
  • You must have a minimum presence of three weeks+ in the forums and on XBL before apprenticeship will be considered.
  • To be granted Apprenticeship, you must be sponsored by eight Knights who all agree you meet and follow our Code Of Chivalry. This means you will need to have a stable forum presence and play games with our Knights so everyone can get to know you. Only after they have played enough games with you will they feel comfortable sponsoring you as an Apprentice.

    To Knights: Sponsorship is more than just saying 'good game'.  It means you feel this person would make a good addition to our community.

Once an Apprentice, you gain additional access to the community and must continue to prove yourself in order to be inducted as a Knight.

The Path To Knighthood:
  • You must have a minimum presence of eight weeks+ in the forums and on XBL before Induction will be considered.
  • Once the community has determined that you've met all the requirements, they will vote and decide whether or not you will be inducted as a Knight.
  • The entry requirements into Knighthood are fluid, as such, there is no set time frame or method to determine when one might gain status.

During SSG's vetting process, yourself or SSG might determine that SSG is just not the right fit for you at this time. After you have met the minimum requirements the Membership Council will vote on your membership. There are three possible outcomes at this point:

A) You are granted Knighthood and accepted into SSG.
B) You are given Community Friend status which is a lateral move from Apprentice. You can reapply for Knighthood again after 90 days if you wish.
C) You are kicked into the moat. This is reserved for the recruits that have not honored SSG and have acted unbecoming of a member of this community.

If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to contact our Recruitment Templar: Siaberwocki.

And of course, make sure to introduce yourself here:
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