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Topic: Rules & Guidelines  (Read 12029 times)

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Rules & Guidelines
« on: 06 Sep 2009, 02:19 PM »
Quick Jump:

Code of Chivalry
Every single member of our community must adhere to our Code of Chivalry or face expulsion. Gamers come looking for a community like ours for a reason, they are sick of dealing with the filth, the chaos, unreliable teammates, griefing, modding, cheating, and general nastiness that can be found in online game lobbies when playing without a good group of people. We aim to help give people a safe harbor, a place where you will always have good people to game with.

Below are our expectations, our Code of Chivalry:
  • Play with honor.
  • Play by the rules (no cheating, modding, glitching, etc.).
  • Don't kill your own.
  • Everyone Fights, No One Quits.
  • No gloating, show boating, or humiliation.
  • Win with compassion, lose with dignity.
  • In regards to your mouth - Keep It Clean.

SSG Logo and Knight Sanctioned Events
Our logo is the property of Sword and Shield Gaming and we are very proud of out property. Using our logo (current, future, or past) is reserved for the privilege of SSG Knights only. If you are not a SSG Knight, please do not use our logo.

Events such as Monday Knight Halo, Tuesday Knight Teamwork, Wednesday Knight Warfare, etc are Knight sanctioned events and are a representation that a Knight of SSG is sponsoring the event. In the case where a member of another community (GGN or non-GGN) were to sign up for the event and something goes terribly wrong, we would like to be able to take responsibility for the event - because those are our sanctioned events. As such, when creating a Pre-Game Lobby please do not label the event as if it is a Knight sanctioned event, even if Knights are going to sign up for it. Creating Knight Sanctioned Events is reserved for the privilege of SSG Knights only.

User Name
Your display name should be the same as your Xbox Gamertag, PSN tag, or Steam ID. This will help us to keep recruits straight and to help identify everyone in Camelot and in games.

Respect is expected from all members of the SSG forums. SSG is our home and it is expected that every member respect these forums and its members. Keep it fun, keep it civil, and don't provoke. Just think thrice and don't post angry.

All Knights here know that while trust, loyalty, and honor are earned, respect is expected. It's upon you to maintain that respect. Use it to cultivate great relationships and strong bonds but keep in mind that you're in someones home.
More specifically our home: Camelot. Keep it fun, keep it civil, and don't provoke. Remember, when you yell in the forum you are yelling across our table.

  • Double posting, bumping, etc. are all allowed, but do not do so in an attempt to clutter the forums or to upset another member.
  • No socially acceptable topics are off limit. However, when you post on a particularly incendiary topic (such as politics, religion, or BR starts), tread carefully. We all know what does and doesn't provoke others, but if you don't, we recommend not posting.
  • Subsequently, posting in regards to controversial topics such as politics, religion, etc. is off limits.
  • Harassment of any kind is not allowed.
  • Baiting and/or flaming of any kind is not allowed.
  • Debating is allowed on the forums, however, when open debate becomes an argument the conversation will be moderated.
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Re: Rules & Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: 13 Jun 2013, 12:39 PM »
Knights, Apprentices & Community Friends, lend me your ears! There are many places on the Internet to discuss religion, politics, sexual orientation, the morality of whaling, 2nd Amendment rights, government oversight, et cetera. Camelot is not that place. We come here to talk about games, gaming, geekery, & to share stories with friends. Camelot is our home and we should all feel comfortable in our own homes. To wit, be excellent to each other. Treat one another kindly. More importantly, treat the forum as a whole kindly. If you wish to have a rigorous debate (on subjects political or enumerated lists of reasons why your choice of console is obviously superior), the private message system is in place for your use. As are a plethora of other forums across the web. This forum is reserved for the lighter side of things. When in Camelot, be Knightly.

While we don't wish to curtail opinions or censor friendly debate, when discussions become heated, they will be moderated. When moderation is necessary, an Overlord or Templar will step into the conversation. Deleting posts and/or locking threads is always a last resort. First you will see gentle reminders from Camelot staff to "Keep it Clean" & the offending parties may receive PMs from staff reminding them to keep things non-antagonistic on the forums. Threads will only be locked if attempts at moderation are being ignored. Likewise, locking threads and/or deleting posts will not be up to the discretion of a single moderator.

Current staff (Overlords & Templars) will be the moderators:
SSG Jayman - Overlord
SSG Jettstream - Overlord
SSG HE4THEN - Overlord
SSG Cazaril - Overlord
SSG IrishGirl - Chancellor
Aelius - Community Templar
SSG iAmGrant - Architect Templar
Siaberwocki - Recruitment Templar

Finally, we're all adults here & we are all capable of keeping things civil. We ask that you help keep Camelot a welcome respite from conflict & spare us from having to enforce these rules through active moderation.
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