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Title: Policy: Knight Emeritus - Inactivity - Banning
Post by: jayman on 05 Dec 2012, 05:25 PM
Emeritus Status (Updated 07-06-16)

- We understand real life comes first and things beyond anyone's control do happen, so SSG will do all we can to support you until you are able to play with us. We would like to think we are your online family, so keep in contact with us on the forums, Facebook, Slack, etc., and keep us in the loop with how things are going.

- Should a Knight drop out of communication, the following steps will be taken:
- The Emeritus path is one that we hope isn't chosen by any Knight, but we understand when the time comes. This path is reserved for any Knight who chooses to pursue it - be it from inactivity, video game retirement, internet retirement, real life issues which prevent you from being part of SSG, or even inter clan issues. Keep in mind should you choose this path, you will no longer be a full SSG Knight. You will be an Emeritus (Retired) Knight.  You are welcome to come back in the future, and we greatly encourage you to come back! We hope you can find your true path and that it leads back to us.

Caveat - If you choose to come back, since you are no longer a full SSG Knight, then keep in mind you must go through a trial period before gaining your full status once again. Since you left with specific reasons, we want to make sure those issues have been resolved. We will have a 2 week probation period where we will assess the previous situation(s) and make sure it has been resolved so you can be part of SSG without feeling like an outcast. After the 2 weeks, the Membership Council will cast a vote to have you re-inducted. We want you to come back and feel welcome once again, so understand why we have the probation period.

Banned Status

- This is reserved for the unruliest of Knights. Those that were somehow able to get into the Castle, but decided to try to destroy from within and/or decided not to follow the Code of Chivalry. SSG is a place with high standards of honor, respect, and Good Games, and as such, any Knight who does not follow the Code of Chivalry within SSG, Xbox LIVE, Playstation Network, or other gaming lobbies will be banned.

Caveat - If such an egregious act happens, you will be placed on a 2 week probation where all parties will be heard from and after the 2 weeks is up the MC will vote on your status.  There will be no second chances.

Edit: SSG Jayman 07-06-16 updated Emeritus policy
Title: Re: Policy: Knight Emeritus - Inactivity - Banning
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Title: Re: Policy: Knight Emeritus - Inactivity - Banning
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