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Topic: Halo: Reach Beta Survival Guide  (Read 355 times)

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Halo: Reach Beta Survival Guide
« on: 12 May 2010, 11:14 PM »
From Bungie:

Last week, in the early back-blast of the Beta's launch, Brian noticed that some players were struggling to come to grips with some of the changes brought to bare by our brand new multiplayer mechanics. Though we'd covered the new stuff with great vigor and unbridled enthusiasm, Brian wanted to go the extra mile. And so, to get some tips and tricks, he dove deep into the bowels of the community in search of a seasoned Halo veteran. Since tricks were the order of the day, he ultimately extracted the one, the only, the ever verbose Shake Appeal to do this dirty deed on his behalf.

If you've found that you weren't quite ready to get your boots in the mud, read on, gentle traveler, and follow in Shake's dainty and delicate footsteps. If you have reading spectacles, now's the time to don those bad boys.
Halo: Reach Beta Survival Guide
by Shake "Two Boxes" Appeal

When you first fire up the Halo: Reach Beta, you’ll soon realize that plenty has changed since Halo 3. Some of these changes will be immediately understood and welcomed, while others may take some getting used to. Bungie have made significant alterations to some of the core concepts you may have taken for granted, such as how melee combat works, how you should best aim your weapon, or even something as simple as how high you can jump. Troublesome, I know. But then remember when you had to lay your beloved pistol to rest with the arrival of Halo 2, and cope with learning some ungodly new instrument called the Battle...Rifle? Remember how you later learned to love it? Well, ‘four-shot’ isn’t in your vocabulary anymore, as the Halo sandbox has seen its most radical overhaul yet. The comforting news for Halo veterans is that skill, situational awareness, and honest teamwork are privileged more than ever in Reach. Put simply: good players go in, good players win out. Provided, that is, they’re willing to adapt. If you’re open to learning a few new tricks, and unlearning a few stale habits, then this guide will help you through the foreign terrain of the beta. If not, at least you’ll have something to read between ragequits.

Read the whole article here.
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